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Air Hauler (2010/ENG/PC)

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Air Hauler (2010/ENG/PC)
PC GAME | ENG | Simulator | 164 MB

The all-new Air Hauler expansion for FSX and FS2004 puts you in complete control of your own freight company - take charge of operations both in the boardroom and in the cockpit.
The limitless possibilities and flexibility of Air Hauler will let you immerse yourself totally in every operational detail of your freight company - each crucial flight which will have an effect on the reputation and reach of your expanding freight empire.

The level of complexity is up to you - simply fly jobs between bases and buy or lease aircraft, or carve out a career in the air freight industry by hiring AI pilots, trading shares on the stock market with real-world NYSE/FTSE/DAX prices, and even risking everything on loans to fill your ultimate freight hangar.
Air Hauler tracks all your financial activity, whether you're buying aircraft or air bases, fuel or repairs, or paying for landing fees or even loans and leases. Take out insurance if you think the part-time pilots you've hired might let you down when you can least afford it.
As the pilot charged with delivering the goods on time, you can decide to fly a job in multiple legs, or stop anywhere en route for refuelling or maintenance. Contend with real-world weather conditions if you want the extra challenge and keep a watchful eye on your fuel economy - the price of fuel in Air Hauler can vary with the real-world price of aviation fuel for added realism!
The busy freight pilot will appreciate Air Hauler's flight briefings in the Flight Simulator kneeboard, and you can easily create a custom parking position anywhere on an airport and choose the airport gate for your departures.
If your management skills are needed in the boardroom, then recruit other pilots to fly jobs for you and keep track of them all with the AI pilot system. Detailed Map views showing all the airports in Flight Simulator will help you keep tabs on available jobs and the locations of your bases and fleet.
Air Hauler puts you in charge every step of the way - from landings to leases, flight plans to finances, and repairs to recruitment.

* Open and run bases at any airport in Flight Simulator X or FS2004
* Take out loans to get into heavier metal faster - or open that extra base!
* Can't afford a new aircraft? Buy second hand, or lease a new one at reasonable rates
* Still working on your landings? Employed some low time jet jocks? Insure your fleet to take the sting out of repairs!
* Build your company's reputation in order to open up more lucrative cargo runs
* Plan and fly multiple jobs to multiple destinations at the same time
* Job too big for your aircraft? You can do it in multiple trips taking what you can fit in
* You can fly your add-on aircraft in Air Hauler, both fixed-wing and helicopters, and you can stop off at any airfield or airport en route for fuel or repairs
* Pick up where you left off with the 'Resume Game' feature (you need to be parked at an airport)
* Using ActiveSky or real world weather? Air Hauler shows the real-world metaR and TAF for airports
* Air Hauler fuel prices vary with the real-world price of aviation fuel (Internet connection required)
* Looking to invest your hard-earned cash? Trade shares on the stock market with real-world NYSE / FTSE / DAX prices (Internet connection required)
* Keep an eye on your finances using in-depth cashbook and graphs
* Choose the airport gate at which your aircraft starts - no more 747s on GA gates
* Use your current airport scenery and gate and parking location data in Air Hauler to ensure you start at the right location every time.
* Recruit other pilots into your company and get them to fly jobs for you with our AI pilot system
* See available jobs, and the location of your bases, fleet and pilots, with our map views showing all the airports in Flight Simulator
* Test your piloting with fragile cargoes



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