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Wrestling MPire 2010 SuperStars MOD TWC4 большая скорость Закачек 8419 / Средняя скорость 4345 Kb/s
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Wrestling MPire 2010 SuperStars MOD TWC4

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Wrestling MPire 2010 SuperStars MOD TWC4
PC Game | English | Publisher: MDickie | 260 MB

Description: Explore : useless , inexperienced wrestler - self-taught , who decided to conquer the whole world
. It is YOU. You do not have anything but beautiful name , invented sometime in childhood, and the mountains
of muscles that you can not find the application . Where to go with these data ? Clearly, not gardeners or in
ballet school ( hotya. ..) , and straight into the " School of Wrestling "!
The organization collected the same as you, newcomers looking for adventure on the ... unhealthy mind . All
they need to go into the ring every week and every week to prove yourself and others , that you stand for
something , and that with the help you can "make money". Gradually , with increasing your credibility , you
will begin to offer professional wrestling federation . The talented newcomer nobody wants to miss ! And you
do not interfere too much money .
And so, step by step , moving from one federation to another, increasing their value to the market , you've
finally become so , who dreamed of . But a few years ago , everything seemed so unattainable ...
Features : UV, as if not to miss anything . Already hurt a lot in this game any " highlights " . So ...
First , then, how to begin your career . We must invent a name for himself . It will accompany you from the
beginning, but once you accept the offer of any promoter, it will have to change , and it will be not your
will - what will they say , it will be.
Especially for fans of "Sims". From the outset, you must select an image . This form is for battle , for everyday
communication and for refereeing (!!!). The choice of different attributes is quite large. But, as is the case
with the name , all this will change during the transition to another federation.
In form , you can choose and their physical , human, appearance . Here and hairstyle , and face , and even congenital
disabilities ( can be hands-free - in part or in full, without feet , etc. ).
Do not be left unattended and music that you will go , as well as light in the room.
The main and most important : to choose their own special moves and combos , all the things that you will be manufacture
in the ring with your opponent. The choice here is rather big .
Extras . information: change from standard FA are many :
- altered image texture wrestler
- change these huge turnbankly to adequate ) )
- changed some 3d character models
- Musical themes and design brought to a new and more kaestvenny level
- replaced by a non-existent promotion MPireMall NoAH
- added latest entrant as Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Trent Baretta, Caylen Croft, Yoshi Tatsu, Vance Archer, Justin Gabriel and many,
many others ! !


File name: Wrestling_MPire_2010_Superstars.part1.rar File size: 102.00 MB
File name: Wrestling_MPire_2010_Superstars.part2.rar File size: 102.00 MB
File name: Wrestling_MPire_2010_Superstars.part3.rar File size: 102.00 MB
File name: Wrestling_MPire_2010_Superstars.part4.rar File size: 67.75 MB

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