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Ishar 1 - Legend of the Fortress

23 декабря 2009. Разместил: Journalist

Ishar 1 - Legend of the Fortress (1994)
PC Game | Windows | Silmarils | 1.24 MB

This is the game that started the most successful Silamrils trilogy. It's a great RPG game (if you're into that kind of games).

Now some of the things I really liked:

You start off as Aramir, but even if Aramir dies the game continues (if you have other members in your party). You can recruit people to help you on your way, but be careful – they have different personalities (some are useful others are traitors) that will make the game more interesting. According to their personal goals and skills you will have more than one way to get things done.

As with every RPG you can make your characters evolve into something more. You have training facilities to strengthen everybody, places to recruit people (you can meet people on the way also), stuff to buy to help you with your quest...

It's not a bad game,… The world is huge so don't get lost in it, the graphics are good for the time of their creation and they use 3D (well nothing impressive by today's standards, but remember the game was made in 1992).

The sound could be improved and I didn't really like the interface although it's not too complicated. Click on the action button to give orders to your character (like: recruit). Click on attack to fight – but the fighting is really one of the biggest downsides to the game. You can choose the weapons – but it seems you're only taking random swings at the enemy. You have no more control over the fight except for telling your character to attack and he takes a poke at the enemy.

All in all I'd give this game a 3. It's a classic RPG (and I really don't like the genre), but it could still be so much better.

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