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X-Plane 9 Full (Including Scenery)

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 31 Автор: Journalist

X Plane 9 - Including Scenery
PC Game | Windows | Laminar Research | ~ 66 GB

What is it?

X-Plane is the world's most comprehensive and powerful flight simulator for personal computers. It offers the most realistic flight model available for home use. Welcome to the world of props, jets, single- and multi-engine airplanes, as well as gliders, helicopters and VTOLs such as the V-22 Osprey and AV8-B Harrier.

X-Plane contains subsonic and supersonic flight dynamics, allowing users to predict the flight characteristics of the slowest aircraft to the fastest. X-Plane includes thirty-five aircraft on its master disk, spanning the aviation industry (and its history), sporting aircraft from the Bell 206 JetRanger and Cessna 172 to the supersonic SR-71 and the Space Shuttle. Additionally, more than 1,400 additional aircraft models (such as those at X-Plane.org) can be downloaded from the Internet , nearly all of which are free. If those aren't enough, users can design their own airplanes and test fly them!

X-Plane's flight model can even handle flying wings and fly-by-wire systems, as needed for a B-2 simulation. The X-Plane scenery package covers the Earth in stunning resolution from 74? north to 60? south latitude. Scenery is also available for Mars thanks to the Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter, which mapped that planet's elevation. On Earth, users can land at any of over 33,000 airports or test their mettle on aircraft carriers, oil rigs, frigates (which pitch and roll with the waves), or helipads atop buildings. They can also realistically model the flight of remote controlled model aircraft, air-launch in an X-15 or Space Ship One from the mother ship, fly re-entries into Earth's atmosphere in the Space Shuttle, fly with friends over the Internet or a LAN, drop water on forest fires, or shoot approaches to aircraft carriers at night in stormy weather and rough water conditions in a damaged F-4. The situations that can be simulated are incredible!

Western Strip Poker 1.1.3 Full + Bonus Girls

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 27 Автор: Journalist

Western Strip Poker 1.1.3 Full + Bonus Girls | Mac Os X | 28 MB

Western Strip Poker is a new remake of poker games designed in an old style "wild west era". The game is fun and simple with a great playability. You can meet a very beautiful opponents - real wild west girls :) - great models from the best agencies all over the world.

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea (2009/ENG)

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 26 Автор: Journalist

PT Boats: Knights of the Sea (2009/ENG)
PC | 1.35 Gb
Genre: Strategy (Real-time / Tactical) / Simulator (Naval) / 3D

This game - about the naval battles of WWII. On the historical battles at sea, which hitherto has not been devoted to the single computer simulator. On the capture of Norway, the hunt for pirates, the defense of Soviet communications.

City Bus Simulator 2010 (2009/GER) PC

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 29 Автор: Journalist

City Bus Simulator 2010
Publisher: TML-Studios | Simulator | 1.52 GB
Language :German

World of Zellians - Kingdom Builder

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 16 Автор: Journalist

World of Zellians - Kingdom Builder | Simulation (Tycoon) | GameInvest | English | 191 MB

The World of Zellians has been slowly deteriorating as royal feuds divide the kingdom and bring production and building to a standstill. It’s up to you to unite the kingdom and rebuild the troubled World of Zellians from the ground up! Relax and have fun while you organize your city and bring the kingdom to a new era of happiness in this detailed and delightful Strategy game.

Fast Food Tycoon

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 73 Автор: Journalist

Fast Food Tycoon | Simulation | Single player | Software 2000 | English | 401 MB

Fast Food Tycoon is a pizza restaurant simulation. Like other games of its type the objective is to transform the modest amount of capital on hand at the outset of the game into a sizable fortune. You begin by selecting a character to act as your CEO and intially invest in the restaurant industry and then manage numerous factors regarding your business such as infrastructure, finances, staff, menu.

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 2010 [ADDICTION]

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 13 Автор: Journalist

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures 2010 [ADDICTION]
ISO | English | 2.59Gb
Genre: Simulator

Experience the top hunting and fishing hotspots in North America in pursuit of record breaking big game small game, turkey, upland birds, waterfowl and
trophy fish species all combined into one incredible outdoor experience!

Dark Colony

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 35 Автор: Journalist

Dark Colony | Real-time strategy | Strategic Simulations, Inc | English | 372 MB

The game is set on a fictional Mars colony - the so-called "Dark Colony" - in the year 2137. Humans have discovered a "remarkable energy source" by the name of Petra-7 on the red planet. Figuring they'd rather not choke on the atmosphere of Mars whilst mining this precious stuff, the Humans begin terraforming the planet and by the time the game starts the project has produced jungles and deserts habitable by people. All seems to be going well, until the Taar show up. The Taar are aliens (the ones from the Roswell incident no less) from a scattered and dying race looking for a new homeworld, and Mars seems to fit the bill. Before they can move in though, they have to get rid of those pesky Humans.

Tropico & Tropico Paradise Island

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 29 Автор: Journalist

Tropico & Tropico Paradise Island | Simulation | English | 1,01 GB

Tropico is a construction and management simulation computer game The game sees the player taking the role of "El Presidente,"the ruler of an island in the Caribbean during the Cold War era from the 1950s onward.

Avenue Flo

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 16 Автор: Journalist

Avenue Flo | 71,5 MB

Mysterious events are threatening DinerTown's biggest wedding in history. As Flo, you will explore the town, interacting with neighbors that help you solve puzzles, collect missing items, and complete activities to set things right. Can you help Quinn save the wedding?


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