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Aerofly Professional Deluxe

17 февраля 2010. Разместил: Journalist

Aerofly Professional Deluxe
PC GAME | Simulation | ENG | 700 Mb
Genre: Simulator

Features in detail:
21 aircraft models, including 2 jets and 4 helicopters
6 beautifully designed sceneries
full collision detection with all objects in the scenery, including trees
realistic simulation of the airplane sound in 3D like the doppler effect
simulation of retractable gears and moving wings
2 player split-screen mode allows you to fly AeroFly Professional with your friends on the same computer
recording/playback and saving of flights
torque-roll training with the Cap232 or Giles202. check here and find out what Wolfgang and Roland Matt say about our simulator.
autorotation practice with the helicopter
smoke and exhaust effects
when crashing or in certain flight maneuvers, airplane will fall apart
simple file format for creating your own sceneries and aircrafts
different contests like balloon popping, drag racing, pylon racing or spot landing
a 2nd view window

AeroFly Pro Deluxe

100% Pentium III / AMD compatible processor with at least 1.0Ghz
1 GB free hard disc memory
CD-ROM drive
OpenGL compatible graphic card with at least 64MB
100% DirectX compatible sound card
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP with DirectX version 9 or higher
A free USB port and a trainer output on your transmitter

Pentium IV / AMD compatible processor with 1.5Ghz
512Mb RAM
OpenGL compatible graphic card with 128MB

Recommended Graphic cards
Nvidia GeForce3 and GeForce 4
Nvidia GeForce FX series (5200 - 5900)
Nvidia GeForce 6xxx series
Nvidia GeForce 4Go / FX Go / Go 6800
ATI Radeon 9xxx series
ATI Radeon X-series (X700, X-800)
ATI Radeon Mobility 9xxx series
The following cards are NOT recommend for use with AeroFly Professional
Nvidia GeForce2 MX series
All Matrox cards (the current line of Matrox cards is not compatible with AeroFly. There seems to be a driver bug that prevents AeroFly from working)
3DFX Voodoo1, Voodoo2, Voodoo3, Banshee
(The 3DFX company is no longer in business!)

Unbelievable realistic flight physics
AeroFly Pro Deluxe features some of the most advanced flight physics ever implemented in a computer simulation. Whenever it comes to practicing high alpha 3D-flying AeroFly is the perfect tool for you. Torque rolls, snap-rolls, flat-spins, you can do basically any maneuver. Many world class pilots use AeroFly as a training tool. Some of our models have even been set up by some of those pilot, like the TOC freestyle champion Roland Matt.

Awesome model details
Each model in AeroFly consists of a high amount of polygons (up to 40000) to make them look perfectly scale.

Detailed texture maps
The texture of each model is finely detailed, revealing even the smallest details. Click on the Spitfire model to the right and have a look at the big picture.

Photo-realistic sceneries
Some sceneries in AeroFly have been created from actual photos of existing places. Enjoy a superb level of realism in these sceneries.

Indoor flying
AeroFly Deluxe lets you even fly indoor with a Slow- or Shockflyer or with your helicopter. This is excellent for practicing your skills in a limited space.

Brake apart aircraft
AeroFly is truely unique. Its underlying physical model and the graphical model representation are strongly coupled. In AeroFly airplanes and helicopters can even break apart! Not only that, after a part breaks off, the new model behaves exactly like it would in real life. The visual look of the model directly affects its flight characteristics.

Two player splitscreen
In AeroFly you can even fly together with your friend on the same computer. When using the 2 player mode the screen is splitted horizontally or vertically.

Glider Towing
You can even practice glider towing using the two player mode. Load a towing capable machine and a glider and set up the controls for each pilot.

Flight Recording
Record your flights and play them back while you fly around. You can also exchange your recorded flights with other AeroFly users on the internet.

Wide variety of models
AeroFly features over 80 models and 28 sceneries and covers all aspects of model aircraft flying from small micro helicopters and shock-flyers to big scale models. Besides the great choice of models and sceneries you have the option to add even more aircraft and sceneries by getting one of our AddOn’s or by visiting the numerous AeroFly sites that offer models for free.