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Agency Wars 550 v1.0

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Agency Wars 550 v1.0 | Game | iPhone | 10.5MB

Become a deadly spy in Agency Wars, the best massively multiplayer online game for the iPhone. Embark on heart-pounding missions across the globe in numerous real-world locations. Protect the planet from evil terrorists, drug dealers and corrupt warlords. Work for one of many top-secret agencies around the world, such as the CIA, KGB, MI6 and more. Increase your skills and abilities to become the most dangerous spy ever.

Counter Strike 1.6 Heker Edition 2.0 FAKE STEAM CLIENT

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Counter Strike 1.6 Heker Edition 2.0
PC Game | EN | Valve Software | 250 MB

Counter Strike 1.6 Heker Edition 2.0HEKER COUNTER-STRIKE 2010 FAKE STEAM.
This Counter-Strike 1.6 is made for the people that don't have the possibility to by Steam, but they nead this kind of client to play on some Steam Servers or to get a slot in an on-line full server. This client has been updated to protocol 48 and it has Steam interface and Steam numeric ID.

Another Code: Futatsu no Kioku

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Another Code: Futatsu no Kioku
NDS | ROM 0039 | USA | 32 Mb

Uncover clues to a family's dark mystery in the first true adventure game on the Nintendo DS. Featuring a riveting plot and unique puzzles that must be solved using the touch screen and microphone, Another challenges you to navigate detailed environments bristling with gritty characters

Madballs in Babo Invasion [Repost]

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Madballs in Babo Invasion | 436.45 MB

The spiritual successor to the massively popular freeware top-down shooter BaboViolent2, Madballs in Babo:Invasion is an arena based 3D shooter offering players a satisfying and immersive experience in both single-player and multiplayer, including ‘Invasion Mode’ where players are able to design their own combat maps almost instantaneously by placing a combination of map tiles to create a never-before-seen map before gameplay starts. Truly, no two games are ever the same.

Super Mario 64 DS

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Super Mario 64 DS
NDS | ROM 0037 | USA | 16 Mb

Super Mario 64, the classic 3D platformer for the Nintendo 64, arrives on the Nintendo DS with all-new features that take advantage of the portable system's dual screens, touch screen, and wireless multiplayer capability.

Stupid Invaders-FL

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Stupid Invaders
PC Game | EN | Ubisoft | Feb 21, 2001 | 2.7 GB

Stupid Invaders is an adventure that follows Etno and his four friends. They are trapped with him in a laboratory after crash-landing on Earth. Dr. Sakarine, an evil scientist has sent a hit man to capture the aliens for his experiments. This game is filled with "nutty state of art toilet humor", mostly taken from by Jim Gomez, writer for the Ren and Stimpy show. There are over 120 locations and 50 characters to meet! The story is broken down into three chapters, each with unique settings and environments.
ESRB Rating: T for Mild Animated Violence, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes

Portable Alien Shooter

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Portable Alien Shooter
PC Game | EN | 22.27MB

The endless darkness and the somber, long passages of a military complex have become the abode of evil, as thousands of blood-thirsty creatures fill its offices, storehouses and mysterious laboratories.

Advent Rising-RELOADED

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Advent Rising
PC Game | ISO | EN | 12/2005 | 4.3 GB

Advent Rising is a 3rd person, action/adventure game presented in a stunning cinematic format that delivers an unprecedented variety of addictive game play experiences. Built on the Unreal Warfare Engine, it offers precise, refined play-dynamics with action-packed adventure and style, wrapped in a visually imaginative universe. Advent Rising is akin to a fast-paced action movie where the player is swept up in a continuously evolving series ofsequences and events.

I of the Dragon (PC)

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I of the Dragon (PC) | 1.31 GB
Genre: Role-Playing
Link (s): hotfile | uploading | rapidshare

I of the Dragon is an action RPG with a couple of things in its favor. Instead of letting you play as the typical barbarian or mage, this fantasy game lets you take to the skies as a dragon. It also requires you to do some tactical thinking instead of relying solely on brute force. Beyond that, it's generic fare marred by numbing missions and repetitive combat, not to mention a wholly forgettable gameworld. I of the Dragon isn't actually a bad game, just a strikingly unimaginative one. In short bursts it can be fun, but over the long haul it becomes a real snoozer.
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Robokill 2: Leviathan Five 01

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Robokill 2: Leviathan Five 01
Win Game | 13.5mb | Rapidshare

The long awaited sequel to Rock Solid Arcade's 2008 hit. Mining Facility Leviathan Five has been overrun by hostile forces. Eliminate the threat using any means necessary. Robokill 2 blends classic arcade action with RPG elements.