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PC Game | English | Genre: Racing | Publisher: Midway | Developer: Pitbull Syndicate | 875 MB

Buckle up, rev the engine, drop the clutch and blast off in Midway’s high-octane arcade racer, L.A. Rush. In L.A. Rush, players join the crew at West Coast Customs to pimp their ride and live the lifestyle of an L.A. street racer. An exciting and unique story-driven experience allows players to race through five wide-open Los Angeles city re-creations filled with all of the heart-pounding treacherous shortcuts and death-defying jumps that have made the Rush franchise so addictive. Feel the rush as you race over 35 licensed rides including muscle, tuner and exotic vehicles from manufacturers such as Mitsubishi and Chevrolet as well as exclusive tricked-out racers designed by West Coast Customs and Rides Magazine while modifying and pimping your ride with an array of licensed aftermarket parts. With celebrity voices and high-profile licenses, LA Rush will be the next evolution in the highly addictive Rush franchise!

Dream Cars

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Dream Cars | 98 MB

Dasha and Masha are two sisters that love building and selling cars, but love racing them even more! Help these sisters create their very own Dream Cars in this fast-paced Time Management game! Keep the car-shopping clientele happy and keep your profits high to put together a speed demon worthy of the racetrack. Move quick, and pay close attention to detail, to rack up the cash you need in Dream Cars!

iLandCars v1.0

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iLandCars v1.0 | Game | iPhone | 30MB

iLandCars, is a 3D roaming racing game. It transports a player to memorable islands. When exploring these islands a player must collect relic stars to progress from island to island while firing missiles to destroy targets for bonus points.


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PC Game | Window | English | 1.26 GB

Tales Maitre / Pixar Cars: Mater's Tall

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Tales Maitre / Pixar Cars: Mater's Tall
PC Game | Window | THQ inc | 1.14 Gb

The protagonist of the game - known racer McQueen, nicknamed "Lightning". Accustomed to the floodlights, crowds of admirers and the roar of racing tracks, he lives only at full speed. Accidentally hitting a backwater town of Radiator Springs, McQueen gets acquainted with its inhabitants: a simple "village boy" Metro, owner of the store tire Luigi, Ramon master tattoo, enigmatic Dr. Hudson, a beautiful woman lawyer, Sally and other residents. Here, he realizes that fame and success - this is not the only thing worthy aspiration, that not only champions deserve respect. He learns how much fun simply to bear on the road, not tracking in rearview mirror opponents, finds a friend and meets the real love. It remains only to add that all the characters of this story - cars. That is a wheelbarrow. "Cars" - a world in which cars are joking, friendships and quarrel, compete and win, envy and love. If you're wondering what happened to the McQueen, Sally, Metro, Doc and the other characters in this unusual history after the event ended with the film, in this game, you all know, and even choose to participate in new adventures of Lightning McQueen!

Astana racer (2009/RUS/KZ)

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 291 Автор: anneta

Дикий драйв, жажда победы, скрежет металла и никогда не дремлющие противники — все это гоночный симулятор Astana Racer. Astana Racer позволит Вам ощутить всю опасность и дух соперничества на трассах северной столицы, «утопить» педаль газа в самых примечательных районах и проспектах Астаны и получить желанный приз. Гоночный симулятор Astana Racer основан на реальном пейзаже новой столицы, использует максимально достоверно смоделированные городские улицы, здания, мосты и развязки. Astana Racer позволит Вам промчаться по самым примечательным районам столицы, «сжечь» резину на самых известных площадях города. Astana Racer порадует Вас качественной графикой, множеством возможностей для тюнинга.

MX vs. ATV Reflex [XBOX 360]

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MX vs. ATV Reflex
Platform: Xbox 360 | Region: USA | English | ISO | Dec 1, 2009 | 6.8 Gb
Genre: Rally / Offroad Racing

MX vs. ATV: Reflex marks the highly anticipated return of the best-selling off-road racing franchise. Merging familiar features like the franchises trademark over-the-top, multiple vehicle type off-road racing and trick gameplay, with new features like 12-player race support, the all-new Rhythm Racing 2.0 physics engine, the revolutionary Rider Reflex control system and real-time terrain deformation, Reflex is positioned to take the lead in 2009 in off-road racers on your Xbox 360.

Midnight Club 2

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Midnight Club 2
PC | English | Rockstar San Diego | 2003 | 180MB
Genres: GT / Street Racing

Midnight Club II builds on the illegal street racing fun found in the PS2 launch title Midnight Club. Like that game it pits you against street toughs in non-linear street races, all for bragging rights and access to better and more sophisticated rides. New in Midnight Club II are the police and the ability to drive a motorcycle.

Carmageddon 1 / TDR 2000 (1997-2000/PC/RUS/ENG)

Комментарии: 0 Просмотров: 120 Автор: viip
Carmageddon 1 / TDR 2000 (1997-2000/PC/RUS/ENG)

Жестокие гонки для настоящих игроманов. Неважно, каким по счету вы придете на финиш. Важен лишь урон, нанесенный вами соперникам, да количество передавленных пешеходов. Такие вот жестокие радости.
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Motocross Madness 2-DEViANCE (Reuploaded)

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Motocross Madness 2 | 584 MB

Motocross Madness 2 is the outrageous sequel to the award winning Motocross Madness. Motocross Madness 2 features all of the killer dirtbike action of the original, but takes a quantum leap forward with entirely new gameplay depth, graphics realism, accessibility and community/multiplayer features.