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Arvale Treasure of Memories Episode 1 v1.0-HERiTAGE
PC | English | jaybot7 Games | 08.01.2010 | 76.34 MB
Genre: Stratrgy

Arvale: Treasure of Memories is a great game. It is enjoyable. It’s really funny. It will cause you to laugh out loud several times throughout the course of playing it. It has beautiful music and lovely graphics and art. Overall, it is a pleasure to play.


* Easy to Play. Treasure of Memories uses very simple controls that allow you to play with minimum fuss.
* Over 25 minutes of original music. Music which will stir your emotions have been specifically written for this game.
* Easy to Enjoy. Take your time speaking with characters or jump right into battling monsters.
* It’s Arvale. You can feel safe knowing that Arvale is an established brand with over 5 years of success.
* 4-8 full hours of story-telling gameplay. Play through the game at your own pace and immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Arvale.
* It’s funny. Laugh yourself silly with humorous storytelling and witty dialogue, a signature of the Arvale series.
* Atmosphere and variety. Fill your desire to travel to exotic locations ranging from Deserts, Forests, Caves, Aqueducts, and Castles, to Ruins, Fields, Docks, Waterfalls, and Villages.
* It’s affordable. Easy on your pocket at only $5.00 You won’t find other games of this quality at the same price.
* Multiple characters in your party. More characters will give you richer story-telling and exciting battles.
* It runs on any PC. Treasure of Memories won’t hog your computer’s resources and should run on your system with no difficulty.
* It’s risk free. If you don’t like the game for any reason, just contact me here, and you’ll get a refund. No questions asked.




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